Blandy 200 Years

The Port of Porto Santo (Porto de Abrigo) is 43kms North East of Madeira and functions for both freight and passenger transport. The marina has 125 births on pontoons for leisure vessels and it is also possible to anchor in this large, sheltered port om mooring buoys.

Geographical location: Latitude 33º 3' 0" N - Longitude 16º 20' 0" W. 


Admiralty Chart: 1685/1689

Time zone:  GMT (Daylight Saving GMT +1)

Documentation - All vessels calling at Porto Santo must be officially entered with all Port Authorities except when seeking medical assistance.

Pilotage: Compulsory

Tugs: A tugboat service is available from Madeira, when requested in advance (until 4 pm on the day prior to arrival).

Maximum draught: 6 -7.00m

Accommodation - Two quays for handling: passenger vessels, containers and general cargo.

Mechanical Handling: 1 Mobile cranes with 64 tonne capacity.

Bunkering: Available through Repsol, please contact us for more details and assistance.

Fresh water: Available directly at pier

Waste Reception facilities: Available by truck

Ships Chandler: Blandy's has a full ships chandlers service providing all assistance for fresh provisions, local goods and any technical and mechanical support necessary.