Blandy 200 Years

Established in 1862, Blandy Shipping is part of the Blandy Group celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2011.

John Blandy established himself in Madeira in 1811 as a wine shipper, who in those early days often undertook the handling of the sailing vessel's business, receiving cargo and then shipping a cargo of wine, and it was in this way that a start was made in the shipping business. The principal wine firms were at the time Importers, Wine Shippers and Shipping Agents, each with their own house flag which were hoisted by the ships consigned to them. The Blandy Flag is the international T flag and still flies above our Head Office in Funchal.

With the end of the Age of Sail and the development of ocean going steamships, Madeira remains a strategic location for the supplying of all vessels.  Madeira became a regular port of call for the Union and the Castle Lines, the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company and the African Steam Ship Company and others. Blandy's developed the shipping side of the business: steam tugs and larger lighters were built as well as steel water barges for the supply of water and coal to steamers.

With the advent of the passenger Jet age, long distance and intercontinental travel by ships lost preference to flight for the transportation of passengers. Cruise Liners built to transport people did not offer the comfort and ameneties of modern ships nor the speed of planes. The evolution of the Cruise ship industry began in the 1960, when ships were purpose built to provide casual environment and providing on-board entertainment, creating a cruising industry providing a fun, comfortable and exciting travel option.

Blandy's has played a key role in the evolution of the cruise and tourism industry in Madeira and is proud to be agent for many of the major International Cruise Ship companies. Funchal is a popular port of call for cruise ships with an average of 270 stopovers per year. Regular callers on scheduled cruises, as well as repositioning cruises acrooss the atlantic are an important segment of the Madeira tourism industry.

Blandy Shipping has a close relationship with our travel agency, Blandy Travel, who is responsible for shorex excursions for many operators, as well as providing all travelling arragements and logistics for cruise turn arounds as well as crew changes, providing clients with a 24 hour support.